Winter immunity 101

Support your immunity this winter by including healthy foods packed with essential vitamins and minerals in your diet, as well as keeping active. 

What is your immune system? How does it fight disease?

This article will answer all the important questions around immunity, including our top tips to support the immune system and boost your health.

What is your immune system?

You probably only think about your immune system when colds and flu are doing the rounds.

But it is working all the time to guard you against foreign invaders, mounting constant attacks to defend your body without you even noticing.1

It’s a huge, complex network of cells, organs, proteins, and antibodies – known as immunoglobulins – designed to prevent your body from invasion by bacteria, viruses and parasites.

In fact, it saves your life on a daily basis: it’s your immune system that launches an attack when it detects something that shouldn’t be there.

Your immune system also shifts dead or faulty cells out of the body, and, if working correctly, it recognises normal, healthy tissue and leaves it alone.2

Whilst we usually only think of our immune system when we feel ill, it’s actually working every day to keep us safe.

Why is my immune system so important?

Your immune system offers protection against all kinds of infections, allergies and diseases. It looks out for anything harmful that enters your body, picks it up and fights back.

There’s a wide range of things that can spark your immune system into action – an allergen such as pollen, a virus causing a cold, a cut from a fall.

But whatever the problem, your immune system is what’s powering your ability to heal and recover.

When your immune system is in tip-top condition, you probably don’t even notice it working away to protect you around the clock.

However, you will know when there’s something wrong as your immune system is your body’s in-built defence system against illness and infection.

If you feel good today, thank your immune system (and give yourself a pat on the back for looking after it!).

If you have ever wondered what your immune system does and why it is so important then this article should help shed some light.

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