The Takeover Courgetti Dinner

Looking for a bit of #FoodInspo? Fancy a pasta but want to try a healthier option? 

Give our Creamy Chicken courgetti a go!

Pop to Tesco and pick up the following: 

1 bag of courgetti - 1 chicken breast - half a pot of reduced fat creme fraiche - spinach - 1 red onion - mushrooms - 1 clove of garlic - half a pot of pancetta (optional) - parsley - tarragon - salt and pepper to taste

1. Add some oil to a wok and saut√© your onion and garlic. 
2. Once lightly browned, add the mushrooms and pancetta. 
3. Add the creme fresh, herbs and seasoning. 
4. Separately grill your chicken for a healthy alternative to frying. 
5. Finally, add a healthy handful of spinach and combine the chicken and creme fraiche sauce. 
6. Boil your courgetti 
7. Mix well the courgetti and chicken creme fraiche sauce. 
8. Add some fresh spinach to finish. 

#JanuaryTakeover #TescoTakeover

And voila!