Gallions Reach History

 Did you know?

Gallions Reach is a stretch of the River Thames between Woolwich and Thamesmead. The area is named for the Galyons, a 14th-century family who owned property along this stretch of the river, and places, including street names, on both sides have been named after it.

Stanley Kubrick filmed the Vietnam scenes for Full Metal Jacket and James Bond dispatched Blofeld down a chimney in For Your Eyes Only was part of Gallions Reach Shopping Park?

About the river...

Old Father Thames is the most significant river if not the longest in the UK with a rich vein of historic, cultural buildings and landmarks -sea to source-start to finish.

With great importance to Gallions Reach history, it's also home to a fantastic and diverse array of species.

Willy, the Whale

The River Thames whale, affectionately nicknamed Willy by Londoners, was a juvenile female northern bottlenose whale which was discovered swimming in the River Thames in central London on Friday 20 January 2006.

Minke whales are the smallest of the great whales, growing to about 33ft (10m), and are usually found throughout the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Besides the Minke, other whales were found in the river before! Like the Cachalot (Sperm Whale), the northern bottlenose whale, a young Humpback Whale and a beluga whale.

Other amazing animals that call the Thames home...